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What our customers say


NightRevive is good stuff! For the first time I didn’t get drowsy making the long drive from my late physician assistant job to my early morning farming job.  I have never had anything change that!

Brandon D.

Brandon D. Physician Assistant/Farmer


Whoa, NightRevive is intense!  I ran out of coffee so I needed a replacement for the day.  I'd definitely say it did the job!  In my line of work, I know my supplements.  This unique blend in NightRevive has it all!

Eddie L.

Certified Personal Trainer


The only time I can really get stuff done is late at night when the kids are in bed thus I feel like I’m always sleep deprived!  NightRevive has been a life changer helping me get through my early morning tennis matches and workouts. NightRevive also puts my mind at ease knowing all of these poor nights of sleep won’t affect my health as much in the long run.   NightRevive makes an unbelievable difference!

Gina S.



I took NightRevive while studying for my final exams and it gave me not only a lot of energy, but great mental acuity and stamina to study late into the night.  As a pre-medical student, it is not uncommon to study until 2-3 in the morning.  Sleep is hard to come by! NightRevive is an amazing product that will make studying as efficient as possible and keep you alert and focused in class the next day. 

Jesse S.

Pre-Med College Student


I travel quite a bit for business.  Asia this week, Europe next week.  Getting used to the changing time zones and getting enough sleep is a problem.  NIGHTREVIVE is great because it gives me energy when I’m sleep deprived.  I take it when I am hopping time zones and only sleeping 4 or 5 hours per day.  It not only keeps me awake but also helps me be mentally sharper than before.  I have started taking it at home too.  I don’t always get the sleep I should for many reasons.  It really helps!

John H.

Business Executive


I love NIGHTREVIVE because I can take it half way through my night shift and it wakes me up and makes me feel alert without the jittery feeling an energy drink gives me. It also eliminates the cravings for sugary treats that are always available and tempting during the nightshift.   I know shift work takes its toll on my health, NIGHTREVIVE makes a world of difference not only in my everyday life but also for my future health.

Shay C.

Respiratory Therapist/Night Shift


Mrs. Martin, a teacher in Idaho says, "On mornings when I'm dragging, NightRevive  works quickly to keep me on my toes and alert to the needs of 28 third-graders.  It has a great smoothie flavor, doesn't leave me feeling jittery, and I don't crash after using it.  NightRevive gets an A+ in my book for its fast-acting potent energy...and extra credit for the beneficial supplements it adds to my diet!

Kimmie M.