How to Feel Your Best After Being Up All Night With a Newborn

Let’s face it: Staying up late with a newborn IS NOT one of the highlights that comes with a newborn.

We all know experts recommend adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. It’s also suggested following the same routine and nightly bedtime ritual will help you fall asleep faster. But we have to ask; have these experts fostered a newborn recently? While not getting enough sleep isn't recommended, it’s inevitable.

As the kids say, the struggle is real!

8 Hours Sleep Is Great… If You Can Get It

Becoming a new parent inspires more love and happiness than you could ever imagine but let’s not beat around the bush: the most discouraging aspect of being a new parent is sleep deprivation.

Long term sleep deprivation can have negative consequences on your health such as obesity, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and even premature mortality.

Beat The Ill Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

There’s the usual list of eat enough, drink enough, plan your naps, etc. And while helpful, most of these solutions create another list to worry about.

So we’re begging the question- in the face of a restless night, how do you not only focus, stay alert and remain clear-minded but mitigate the effects a lack of sleep has on the body and its health?

It’s a question night shift ER Doctor Danny Spencer (Yes, a real doctor! AND a father of three) asked and, ultimately, solved.

As an ER Doctor working all hours of the night, Dr. Spencer researched and carefully formulated a blend of herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals specifically designed to not only keep individuals alert when tired but to combat the disruptive and long-term destructive effects of no sleep.

True to its design, Dr. Spencer named it NightRevive. This specific blend has been studied and proven to keep you alert and motivated when you feel anything but.

Ok, great- but there’s lots of energy drinks out there. What makes NightRevive different?

Ingredients Matter

NightRevive combines key, energy inducing nutrients and eliminates the unneeded and overdosed elements you’ll typically find in products that are simply “caffeine delivery systems”.

  • Magnesium glycinate: Restores depleted magnesium levels that occur during pregnancy and lead to postpartum depression.
  • Green Tea extract: Highly effective in losing stubborn belly fat after childbirth.  
  • B Vitamin complex: Creates higher energy levels and provides a boost to the digestive system.
  • Vitamin D:  The most common nutrient deficiency in the population, especially among new mothers. Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is crucial for optimal health, especially during the postpartum period.

NightRevive wasn’t formulated to only keep you awake. Each ingredient is specifically researched, documented and proven- filling a specific need to not only keep you alert but also feed your body with the nutrients and system checks deprived when you don’t get enough sleep (view the full list of ingredients and nutrition facts.)

Come Alive With Night Revive

Recovering from a sleepless night ruled by a drooling, demanding, ever-hungry, albeit cute, newborn is rough. Suddenly standard schedules and routines are replaced with a mix of chaos and exhaustion. Many parents will wake two to four times a night to soothe and feed their baby and while this is a typical sleep pattern for a brand new infant, it is anything but typical and even torturous, to mom and dad.

NightRevive not only provides the fuel to to survive the day, you’ll find that you thrive throughout the day. You simply can't expect to perform all your daily tasks with the same clarity, acuteness and vigor you had before your days became nights and your nights became days.

NightRevive will leave you feeling, performing and thriving just as you would if you had scored a full night's rest.

Alert, Clean Energy Without the Crash

Because of NightRevive’s commitment to natural ingredients you won’t experience jitters or a slight amp of energy only to set you up for a crash hours later, like so many other energy drinks out there. It is sustained natural energy that works.  

Simply mix the pouch of NightRevive into your mug, water bottle or shaker cup and you’ll be feeling like you can conquer the world - or that pile of laundry in- no time.